Uncommon EGFR Mutations

This database compiles published clinical outcomes from patients with advanced/metastatic NSCLC with uncommon EGFR mutations, treated with afatinib.

1247 patients are currently included in the database.

Add a semicolon after each mutation to search for patient cases with multiple mutations. The results will only display patient cases that contain all of the given mutations. After selecting a classification search, please delete unwanted mutations and re-run your search.
View amino acid codes here.

The data have been entered as reported. Central testing was only performed within the LUX-Lung trials. Different testing methods with different sensitivities may have been used. The timepoint of mutational testing is unknown for EGFR-TKI pretreated patients (at diagnosis or at progression). There is a potential bias associated with case studies/case series, as it is may be more likely that patient cases with positive outcomes are published.

Please feel free to contact us with cases of new or missing data (The data must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal).